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Mouthy Messy Mandatory

Jun 8, 2018

So many questions about Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Does she owe the sisterhood any help? How does her sex impact our perception of her character? And where does she feel things? PLUS, Jordan “Incel-Daddy” Peterson is the Obe-Wan of baby-men… but should we be calling him “dangerous”?

Jun 1, 2018

Katie and Ronit’s blood rushes from their brains to their fists as they take down folksy racists like Roseanne, Jeff Sessions, and the NFL. Plus, Ireland quenches our thirst for good news and Malian superhero Mamoudou Gassama gets French citizenship as a reward, which makes us wonder “What makes a good immigrant?”

May 26, 2018

Katie and Ronit celebrate Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, the first ever black woman to win a nomination for governor!  And McDonalds and Walmart get their minimum wage arses handed to them by #TimesUp and Fight for $15.  And our very first Dirtbag check-in: Where are they Now? Featuring Louis CK and R Kelly.

Advice to...

May 17, 2018

So many chances to choose the future instead of the past lately… we’re throwing a benefit, should we pick Bill Clinton or Monica Lewinsky? Georgina Chapman is alive, should we punish her for her past or let her get on with her life? Kristen Stewart is walking into the future barefoot because she is not here for...

May 11, 2018

New York AG Eric Schneiderman was a progressive superhero… until an explosive New Yorker article outed him as a serial violent abuser. We pull apart what this means for progressive politics & whether Schneiderman’s exit is evidence of Democratic doom… or a union struggling to evolve.


PLUS, a new hero emerges...