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Mouthy Messy Mandatory

Dec 20, 2017

Pull up a snuggle, a donut, and something to drink that's not egg nog (cuz that's gross). Ronit and Katie talk holidays, slut-shaming Christmas carols, famous Hannukah movies and SO MUCH MORE.

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Dec 13, 2017

If you believe Trump, Moore and their fans, false rape accusations are a raging epidemic. Katie and Ronit aren’t buying it. Listen to find out what’s real, and what’s grade-a malarkey when it comes to women “crying rape.”

Roy Moore, Podcast, rape accusations, election, democrats, Alabama, republicans 


Dec 7, 2017

Katie and Ronit talk about how to be the "perfect woman,”  (it's seriously, so easy). PLUS, shout outs to badass author Kristi Coulter, coolness, sex, and fake feminism. Stick around for a final thought on walking dildos, if you dare...

Show Notes:

Learn more about Kristi Coulter here:

Nov 29, 2017

Ronit and Katie share their own childhood experiences with old dirty bastards, and they take the gloves off to talk about Roy Moore, former judge, lifelong creeper, and certifiable hypocrite. They can't believe they have to explain why a pedophile isn't a great choice for the U.S. Senate but whatever, okay, here we are.

Nov 23, 2017

Ronit and Katie trade offbeat icebreakers to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner table conversation.